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Split Systems

​Split System is an air conditioning unit that is split into two parts - the condenser is located outdoor and the head unit is mounted on wall indoor. It is incredibly affordable and very energy efficient with stylish looks and can keep you comfortable in temperatures ranging from 17°C to 35°C.


Split Systems are one of the most popular types of air conditioning systems in the world today.
It allows the flexibility to choose which areas of the house to heat or cool, providing saving on
electricity by heating and cooling only the rooms that you are using.


​Split Systems are designed to allow for the maximum use of floor space for furniture and fittings, having the indoor unit fits neatly onto the wall. The outdoor unit can be mounted on a flat roof, on the ground or on a wall bracket. The compressor location is outside, which minimises the noise inside.​
Choose from single split air conditioners or a multi head system, where a number of indoor units can be run off the one compressor. Your system will need to be sized according to the area in which needs to be cooled/heated.​

​Cassette or floor mounted systems​

Our slim line floor or ceiling systems are perfect for rooms with limited or no ceiling space as well as sloping ceilings where the units can be suspended. Better still, the carefully designed fans ensure minimal noise, while maintaining efficiency.​

Features include easy-to-use controls, smart Inverter technology, auto and timer functions, easy access filter for cleaning, room temperature display and motorized air discharge louver to distribute conditioned air throughout the room.

There is a great range of latest digital Inverter technology styles to choose from

Inverter Technology

Conventional air conditioners operate at a fixed speed, delivering a fixed amount of cooling and heating.

While trying to maintain a fixed temperature they operate on a 'stop and start' principle.

Inverter air conditioning units use a much more advanced technology. They work like the accelerator of a car, gently increasing or decreasing power as needed. They will reach the desired temperature quickly and maintains it without wild fluctuations.

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